The 3 Dimensions Of Our Educational Process

  • Maximise the potentials of our students, teachers and support staff
  • Use and encourage the use of emerging technologies
  • Allow a view that extends out of the text book and into real life

The 3 Dimensions Of Our Educational Process

Education begins when learning for the sake of learning comes to an end. As educators, we,  at  Universal, attach  great  significance and importance to every step forward our children take. Over a period of 40 years, we have carefully watched transformations because they are the true manifestations of learning. We have measured our success in the triumphant expressions of our students as they successfully negotiate swirling currents on the river of life.

We ask you to imagine a three dimensional figure that is tall enough to maximize the potentials of our students, teachers and support staff that is deep enough to use and encourage the use of emerging technologies that is wide enough to allow a view that extends out of the textbook and into real  life

Maximise The Potential Of Students, Teachers & Staff

  • By helping students to understand that success is not simply an outcome of a process. It is the sum total of every small successful part of the entire process
  • Showing by example that communication, both internal and external, is necessary for positive growth
  • Explaining that stress and its causes need to be understood before they are fought against
  • Underlining that time is finite and needs to be respected at all times, every time
  • Encouraging the process of thought before action so that the results are in accordance with expectations
  • Passing on the faith that even the most aggravating issues can be resolved by words instead of fists
  • Allowing time and space for self-expression for each and every individual
  • Inculcating sharing and caring in the communities we live in so as to give back to society
  • Arming them with the necessary tools to compete honourably and complete a worthy life
  • Establishing that the world is a much smaller place today wherein people and resources are in a constant state of motion
  • Emphasising the role of sports in fostering team work and competitive spirit

Encourage The Use Of Emerging Technologies

  • To understand that technological advance is growing every nano second. In such a scenario it is not only impossible but futile to predict what will be the technology of the future.
  • From desktops to laptops to ipods… our journey continues with the promise to deliver the latest and the best technology that can support learning
  • Through interaction with emerging technology, we develop in your child the mindset to accept technological advances whole heartedly

A View That Extends Out Of The Textbook And Into Real Life

  • To complement and reinforce the education received in classrooms we regularly organise field trips
  • As an alternative to routine assessments we encourage project work building on individual and team contributions
  • The use of audio visuals as a consistent teaching technique allows teachers and  trainers to bring the topics under study to life
  • As strong proponents of active learning our students are made to learn through experience rather than by memory