27 Jul

Dear Parents,

As our children step into a new academic year, we would like to encourage them to do a bit more for the community and for each other. The school is happy to announce its participation in the BEHTAR INDIA campaign.  It is an award winning, innovative and annually recurring national campaign that aims to make cities cleaner, greener and healthier.

The Behtar India campaign has been conceptualized by DHFL Pramerica  Life Insurance Company and is being jointly implemented by Republic TV, Charities Aid Foundation, India and DHFL Pramerica team.


Urban India is producing around 62 million tonnes of garbage every year. Only 11.9 million waste is treated while the remaining is getting dumped. This dumping is leading to

  1. Littering on land
  2. Clogging of drains and rivers
  3. Ocean pollution
  4. Killing of wildlife on ground and sea due to plastic consumption
  5. Faster filling up of landfills than what can be handled
  6. Untreated waste in landfills are further leading to production of unknown gases which are adding to the air pollution
  7. Mosquito borne diseases are seeing an exponential rise every year due to increase in their breeding due to increase in unhygienic areas
  8. Lack of recycling is depleting our national resources too at a faster rate


Recycling is a solution to all the above mentioned problems.


You can help the campaign by encouraging your child / children to take up recycling as a regular habit.  The school has decided every Monday to be a Behtar India Day, so tie up old newspapers into bundles and send them to the school to be donated for recycling on Mondays.  You can visit www.behtarinida.in  for more details and register him / her under the student category