27 Jul

“Transforming our classrooms into Thinking Classrooms

A place where students think and enjoy learning”

 Dear Parent,

With an aim to make classroom assessments more meaningful and enriching the learning experience as a whole, our school has partnered with Open Door Education for its Mastery Assessment Program. This program provides assessments to the students, which have challenging and thought-provoking questions that test the deep understanding of concepts. They also provide an online platform for teachers with detailed analysis of the results allowing teachers to build learning with better clarity of concepts.

Making a child a good learner requires age appropriate challenges that encourage students to think. To achieve this and more, the school has added a new dimension to learning by incorporating technology for assessment.

Teachers get an even more detailed analysis to how their class performed in every question. Using this analysis, teachers plan classes that target concepts which students may not have understood thoroughly. Once the teachers have cleared the learning gaps, Open Door conducts another paper on the same topic to check the progress of learning.

This initiative taken by the school reinforces conceptual understanding, compels students to think, bridges learning gaps andclears misconceptions.

Wishing your child a fruitful year of learning at school!