27 Jul

Dear Parent,

At Universal, we always aspire to create better learning opportunities for our students. We believe that in the fast pacing times of today, we have to keep up with the demanding intellect of our learners and devise improved and effective ways to facilitate knowledge for them. In keeping with the thought, we are introducing Pre-Reading for our students of Class I to X w.e.f. session 2018-19. Pre- Reading of a chapter to be taught in the class is quite similar to warming up before playing sports. Researches endorse that Pre- Reading prepares the mind for best possible performance and increases concentration and comprehension.

You will receive the subject wise topics for Pre- Reading in the Daily Class Update on every Friday of the week for the following week. Parents of Class I- IV are requested to guide children to read these topics from the text books. Students of Class V – X are expected to carry this out independently under parents’ monitoring. This little preparation will go a long way and will enable the students and teachers to make the classroom discussions more lively and interactive along with implementing innovative teaching practices.

Please feel free to seek appointment to communicate with the class teacher, should you have any doubts regarding the same.

Together in the cause of quality education.