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The broader goal of any educational institute is to provide a nurturing and guiding environment wherein the child can realize his potentialities to the maximum, learn skills to face the various challenges of life and acquire the ability to make his place in the big world outside.

Therefore, the task in hand for us, is to enhance and encourage all round development of the child. This is more than merely teaching them reading, writing and academic subjects.

We realize that today’s child is a victim of information overload. He has access to the information which is not age appropriate and often harmful. He is also witnessing fast paced maddening changes in all areas. The conventional education system in general does not cater to individual differences resulting in drop-outs, depressed, demotivated and at times aggressive children. Parents also get anxious in the process of parenting and need guidance at times.

Keeping this scenario in mind all educational institutes must have the facilities of counselling and HRD which should be engaged not only in repairing and mending the broken self esteem and self respect of children, but also in identifying ‘at risk’ children, providing support and guidance to them and helping all children to grow to their optimal levels.

We are happy to have such facilities available for our staff, parents and students. You can call the school office to make an appointment to meet our trained psychologists and counsellors.

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