Expressions by Parents

Universal High is a boon for working parents. The parents are stress free as the children are in school for the full day. The children enjoy coming to school.

The children are free to ask questions with the result they can understand the importance of arranging and rearranging concepts so as to gain a stronger grasp on studied matter.

Taking the children out on field trips arouses the curiosity of the children. They learn to observe, reason and thus get a first hand experience. This allows the children to extend their view out of the text books into real life.

The children are encouraged to use emerging technology. The children use the computer to find and get information on their own. Besides the academic programme, the children are encouraged to participate in several other activities like dramatics, music, singing, dance, art & craft, self-defence, indoor & outdoor sports.

Universal High strongly believes in working together with parents not only for education but to nurture the children in ways that will bring about their holistic development. With their team of teachers and experts they have many workshops to give the parents first hand information about their children.

Alice Fernandes
Mother of Sheldon Fernandes (Std. VII)


Giving a good school to your child is the Best gift for your child’s whole life and I am feeling very proud that I have given this school to my child.

Teachers have done a wonderful job to make our children confident & Intelligent.

Aarti Shah
Mother of Tirth Shah (Jr. Kg. A)

As today is a no TV day I enjoyed my afternoon coming to my child’s school  (Hryday Lath – Nursery A). If I would have missed this I would have missed a lot. I had a look at the pre-primary display only. It was an overall effect of Teachers, our children and parents which made this day a remembrance for me.

Shruti Lath
Mother of Hryday Lath (Nursery A)

Its been 2 years since my kid is a part of Universal high & project display is one event we look forward to as its when we get to know how creative my child is so it’s a good concept.

Meet Bhanushali
Father of Bhavya Bhanushali (Nursery A)

It was a wonderful experience to see the amount of hardwork and sincere efforts made by both teachers and children. Indeed, it was very motivating for the children to exhibit their talents the idea of involving the children to explain what has been done regarding the projects and displays is really very good to encourage the children to speak confidently to strangers. Thanks for the teachers who had trained them. The topic chosen  like to create awareness about mangroves and to conserve them and to save water will surely create a strong impact on the young minds that they will follow and try to be join hands for creating a Greener World!

Keep up the Good Work !!!

Really Impressed !!

Sumathi Ganapathy
Mother of Shriya Ganapathy (Std. VI)

 A day is just not enough to do justice to all the display. Great variety for each class. Liked the concept of allowing kids in primary section to show around.

Looking forward for each coming day as to what they learn.


Ruchi Poddar
Mother of Arnav Poddar (Jr. Kg. C)

Very innovative & colourful things done by such small children and I am very proud to  have my daughter study in Universal High.

Bhavika Nanavati
Mother of Dhruvi Nanavati (Jr. Kg. B)

 The way of  involving father’s and mothers was very good.

Sister of Rahil (Jr. Kg. C)

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