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We are the first group of educational institutions to employ Audio Visual Digital Classroom Systems in all our classrooms. Each classroom is equipped with plasma screens. On these screens animated illustrations and interpretations of the studied topics are shown to the children.

All class rooms and other learning spaces have a Plasma TV that is used by teachers for presentation of rich-media learning materials & real-time annotation.


As part of our plan to equip our students for the future we use internationally acclaimed educational software. This enables our young ones to grasp reading and writing skills, maths and science at an early age. We have made adequate provisions so that every child will always have a dedicated laptop to work on.


Our laptop labs sport latest student friendly laptops. The ratio maintained is 1:1, students use these devices for multiple uses like learning ICT, research, making presentations and also to learn different languages as well as enhance their math skills.


The pre-eminence of books as the source and repository of knowledge is increasingly being challenged by the Internet and eBooks. In our wi-fi facility students are exposed to a variety of eBooks in the eLibrary section of the school. Your child is allowed to surf the net under adult supervision and research for work related to his projects and subjects of study. To provide hassle free connectivity our premises is fully wi-fi enabled.


To ensure undivided attention, we have separate laboratories for each of the three sciences i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Our laboratories feature new age design. All students face the demonstration table as well as the projection screen.


The Library has a wide variety of new and interesting books for our young readers.

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