Theme of the Year: Global  Citizenship

2013 – 2014

Stds. – I and II

UHM/C/01/2013-14                                                                                June 13, 2013


“What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child.”

Dear Parents,

We welcome all the parents and students of Std. I and II.

We all know that formal schooling starts from the Primary Section. We take adequate care to see that the children enjoy every moment they spend in school and hence would like to orient you about the daily schedule of your child in the school.

The usual day begins with the Assembly wherein children say their daily prayers, sing the School Anthem and National Anthem. Value Education and age appropriate News form a part of the Assembly.

The academic periods are scheduled keeping in mind the readiness of our Std. I & II students and so with the academic subjects we have lighter subjects like Music, Physical Exercise, Craft, Art, Computer, Gymnastics, Karate  etc to help them to relax and refresh their minds. Students also get trained in Dance by the Shiamak Davar’s Institute of Performing Arts.

General Instructions:

  • Parents must go through the rules, regulations and Activities Schedule of the Hand book and kindly return the duly signed Undertaking page to the class teacher within a week.
  • Students are expected to attend school in proper uniform. Details of the same are given in the hand book.
  • P.T uniform to be worn on the days mentioned in the time – table.
  • Students are not permitted to wear any kind of jewellery, wrist watches etc.
  • Application of mehendi and nailpolish is not allowed.
  • Expensive compass boxes, erasers and pencils are not allowed.
  • Kindly see that children do not carry games, electronic items and mobile phones. If found, these items will be confiscated.
  • Distribution of sweets or gifts on your child’s birthday/any occasion is prohibited.
  • Medicines given to the child should be informed to the teacher.
  • All personal belongings of students must be labelled with name, address and telephone number.
  • No half day leave is granted from school.
  • Snacks will be provided.
  • Parents are requested to send proper lunch with students. Please do not give any liquid food item for lunch.
  • Parents with I-cards are allowed to pick their children from school. Additional Parent / Guardian I-cards can be issued on payment. Kindly contact the school office.
  • Parents can meet the teachers by seeking an appointment through the pages provided in the Handbook. All teachers are available on the Visiting days.
  • Parents are requested to check the remarks/ school reports promptly.
  • Kindly intimate the School office immediately in case of change in personal details like address, mobile numbers etc.
  • Punctuality is essential at all times.


Things to be brought to school:


  • Books arranged as per the time table.
  • Children should get 4 sharpened pencils, colour box and 1 eraser. Please do not send a sharpener with them
  • Tiffin box, Napkin and water bottle.




  • Instructions regarding the labelling of textbooks, notebooks and next day’s activities will be given in H.P. (Home play). Parents to go through it on daily basis and acknowledge it.
  • Teacher will label the subject book (note books and text books) in their short forms.

English Text book – Lit. A

English Note book – Lit. B

Hindi Text book – Hin. A

Hindi Note book – Hin. B

Math Text book – MA

Math Note book – MB

Mental Math Text book – MM

Sadabahar Hindi Copywriting book – SB

100 Pgs. Single line – English Dictation note book – ED

100 Pgs. double line – Hindi Dictation note book – HD

  • Please send the G-Book everyday.
  • To check and sign the G- Book everyday.
  • Send books according to the timetable.
  • Comprehension Cloze book will be done once a month. So, kindly send it when the teacher gives the instruction in H.P.


Reading Programme:


  • Grade level reading is introduced in Std I and II. Specific Reading Programme Periods are allotted in the time table.
  • Students should also practice reading on daily basis at home.
  • Students will visit the Library once a week. Kindly ensure that the library book is returned in good condition and in time to avoid penalty.
  • Parents are required to maintain Reading log on a daily basis in the Hand book.





Day Subjects
Monday English Literature
Tuesday Mathematics
Wednesday Hindi
Thursday Mathematics / E.V.S.
Friday English Language/Mathematics








Evaluation system for Std  I & II.


  • There will be Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation system –  an Assessment will be conducted after every chapter throughout the year. The teacher will take practice and revision before the evaluation test.
  • CCE’s will be conducted on Tuesdays or Fridays.
  • English dictation will be conducted every Monday and Hindi dictation will be conducted every Wednesday of the week. Words will be given in the five days prior to the test.
  • The checked Dictation books will be sent home which should be signed and sent back on the following day to school.



Home Play and Assignments


  • Whenever Assignments are allotted, kindly sign and send it the next day. Handbook and should be checked, signed and returned everyday.
  • Worksheets need to be filed properly and kept at home.


Awards and Co-curricular Activities:


  • Competitions and Activities schedule is given in the Handbook. All the students are encouraged to participate in these activities. Prizes are awarded at the Prize Distribution Ceremony
  • Merit Awards are given to deserving students. Kindly read the handbook for details.
  • Interschool activities and events will be notified.


Parents and guardians are reminded that without their help and co-operation, not much can be expected from the efforts made to mould the child’s character in the school. They are, therefore, earnestly requested to encourage regularity and discipline, to see that their children do their practice work/ home play and attend school in proper uniform with all the books required for the day’s work.


This circular is aimed to give you a better insight into the day to day functioning of school. To bring out the best in your child, the institution expects your co-operation at all times.


Henceforth, all circulars will be sent by email and will also be uploaded on the school website.


The School lane has been declared a NO PARKING ZONE by the RTO. Kindly make a note of it.




Yours Sincerely,