Universal Beginnings: Orientation circular for Pre-primary

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19 Jun 2013

Theme of the Year: Global Citizenship

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UB/C/01/2013-2014                                                                       June 12, 2013  

Dear Parents,

Universal Beginnings welcomes all the parents and students of the Pre-Primary Section. Having shown faith and trust in us, we feel it is essential to inform you about certain general norms of the Pre-Primary Section.


We believe in quality education and hence we  have left no stone unturned in offering our best to even our youngest students. Technology is an integral part of education in today’s times and we are proud to inform you that along with Audio Visual lessons, iPods are also a part of our ongoing Curriculum. Hence our goal is to cater to the needs of every child by providing quality education that will lead to the fullest development of his / her personality.


Please note the following for the smooth functioning of your child’s schooling. You are required to use the pages provided in the Handbook for any message you wish to send to the Teacher / Coordinator.

  • Parents must go through the ‘Rules and Regulations’ and ‘Activity Schedule’ mentioned in the Hand book
  • Kindly return the Undertaking Page duly signed to the class teacher within a week
  • Punctuality is essential at all times
  • No half day leave is granted from school
  • Students are not permitted to wear any kind of jewellery or fancy wrist watches to school, if found worn, these items will be confiscated
  • All personal belongings of students must be labelled with their complete Name, Class and Division
  • Distribution of sweets or gifts on your child’s birthday/ any occasion is prohibited
  • Application of mehendi and nailpolish is not allowed
  • Kindly see that children do not carry money, games, electronic items and mobile phones, if found, these items will be confiscated
  • All the students must get a napkin everyday
  • Please pin the child’s Bus Badge daily
  • School bag must be sent to school on allotted days.
  • The school Handbook should be brought to school on the ‘bag days’ and on all Visiting days
  • Worksheets need to be filed properly and kept at home
  • Students are required to come in complete school uniform with shoes, socks and I-card
  • Students are allowed to wear black floaters on rainy days only, no umbrellas are allowed in the school
  • Stationery will be provided by the school
  • You will receive a copy of the work completed in class on a regular basis
  • Parents have to send an authority letter for the child’s drop and pick up to the class teacher (if managed by any person other than the parent)
  • Parents with I-cards are allowed to pick their children from school and an Additional Parent / Guardian I-card can be issued from the school office on payment
  • Parents are required to leave their child at the gate and will not be allowed to meet students and teachers during school hours
  • The P.Ed. uniform has to be worn on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • During winter season children should wear black sweaters only
  • The school follows a Continuous Observation System and you will be given a detailed observation record of your child at the end of each Term
  • The schedule for Visiting Days is given in the handbook. Your time for interaction with the teacher will be __________________.
  • Kindly intimate the school office immediately in case of change in personal details like address, mobile numbers etc.
  • Students will be served nutritious vegetarian snacks during the snack time
  • The school will conduct field trips during the year and you are requested to kindly sign the Consent Form and send it to the class teacher as it is mandatory to do so
  • In case of long illness- of more than three days, the school needs to be informed through a letter with regard to the nature of illness and the number of days the student is likely to be away from school and submit a medical certificate
  • Library books will be given to the child from July 1, 2013 onwards. Kindly follow the time table given below:


Day Class
Monday Jr. Kg.
Wednesday Playgroup & Nursery
Friday Sr. Kg.


  • Kindly send the library book in the school bag on allotted days and return the book in good condition to avoid any penalty
  • Water Play:  Water Play will begin from September, 2013. On the water play days

the student should wear floaters instead of school shoes.


Kindly send the following: a) Towel   b) Swim Wear


The schedule for Water play is as follows:


Day Class
Monday Nursery  A   &   Sr. Kg. C
Tuesday Nursery  B   &   Sr. Kg. B
Wednesday Playgroup    &   Jr. Kg. B
Thursday Sr. Kg. A, Jr. Kg. A  & Jr. Kg. C
Friday Nursery  C


For Playgroup and Nursery Parents:-


  • Parents will hand over 2 pairs of clothes, 1 packet of wet wipes and 1 diaper packet of your preferred brand in a well labelled plastic box to the class teacher.
  • Parents are advised to send the students in diaper to school.



  • Kindly send 2 pairs of clothes in a well labelled transparent zip lock bag to the class teacher.


This circular is aimed to give you a better insight into the day to day functioning of the school. To bring out the best in your child, the school expects your co-operation at all times.


The School lane has been declared a NO PARKING ZONE by the RTO. Kindly make a note of it.





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